Lower School Boarding

Boys and girls from grades 5-7 live in two cozy houses on our campus, the Weiglhaus and the Erlenhaus. They are accommodated in double or triple rooms with a resident staff member, who is available to them at all times.

A further contact person for lower school students is their mentor, a student from the middle or upper school selected to assist, support and accompany new students as they adjust to boarding school life. Joint activities on the weekend and tutoring after school when the going gets tough are often the hallmarks of these friendships, which frequently outlast the students’ school careers.

Additionally, we offer lower school students special programs, such as reading and spelling training, evening sports twice a week, or the lower school festival at the end of the school year.

Lower School Boarding

"Finding my footing within society, taking over responsibilities, finding friends for life - all this and more I owe to my wonderful years at Landheim Schondorf."

Sascha Mennel, Alumnus