Career Counseling

Between School and Employment - The first exploration of career opporunities begins in the 9th grade with an interest test and a presentation about the desired job in close cooperation with a business in a corresponding field, for example a one day shadowing experience.

In the 10th grade students further prepare for employment via intensive application training. This portion is followed by a two-week internship tailored to the preferences and abilities of the students in their desired industries. During the internshipteachers visit the students at work. The end of the internship requires a presentation of each student’s experiences in front of their peers and teachers.

In the scope of project-based seminars and excursions, the exploration of career opportunities is expanded in the 11th and 12th grade curriculum as well. This includes an encompassing aptitude test, consultations in relation to academic and career choices, as well as a mentoring program with alumni.

Our goal is that each student take responsibility for developing and realizing a desired career path during their time at Landheim. In this regard, we build on our long-standing experience in this area and the personal motivation of each individual.

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