08/06/2017, 7pm

Landheim Schondorf, Meadow in front of the Main House (Assembly Hall if it rains)


Family Picnic Classic-Crossover with Allessandro Quarta and Double Drumms

As a part of the young but already international renowned Music and Art Festival AMMERSEErenade the picnic concert at the Landheim Schondorf will take place again this year. At the meadow in front of our main house - either sitting on a chair or relaxing on the mawn - you can experience the culinary and cultural enjoyment. This years program will be as well entertaining as suprising.

The violinist Alessandro Quarta mixes the best parts of Classic, Tango, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Rock into his enjoyable gigs. He already performed with international stars like Ray Chales, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Zucchero as well as members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Over and over again Allessandro Quarta proves his ability to ad-lib in between the universe of Blues, Jazz and Classic.

After Allessandro Quarte the Double Drums will take over and will transform the meadow in front of the Landheim Schondorf into a playground of music. Driven by their passion and a relaxed, but pleasant manner the Double Drums will take you on a trip through the cosmos of rhytm: Sometimes furios and virtuoso, sometimes profound and calm, sometimes funny and cool, the duo leaves the crowd with no other choice than dancing along. Multiple times they appeared in big TV-Shows already.

For more information and tickets click here: http://www.ammerseerenade.de/events/classic-openair-picknick-mit-den-double-drums-und-alessandro-quarta/